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After my years playing in New York and Chicago, in December of 2017 I went on the road full-time.  I traveled non-stop for 26 months mostly across the United States, Mexico, and Europe, with 3 separate trips to South Korea.  It was a beautiful experience for which I'm immensely grateful.  It was also a prolific period during which I played hundreds of shows, arranged, co-arranged, wrote, co-wrote and recorded with The Lovestruck Balladeers, Naomi & Her Handsome Devils, and my newest group, based in Mexico City, called The Southern Stars.  When I wasn't playing with one of these groups I was playing solo or duo shows with some of my favorite string players, or working with some small jazz combo made up of the many great musicians I've been lucky to meet on my travels.

After more than 2 years on the road I've just now found the time to bring all these projects together in one place and here it is.  You'll find links to sites for the different bands I'm a part of as well as what I think are among the best videos and recordings of the music we've made in that time.   Thanks to this period of non-stop touring and collaborating, in the first 3 months of 2020 alone, 2 albums (The Lovestruck Balladeers, Live at the Uptown Swingout) and an EP (Estrellas de Radio Vol. 2) have been released.  I'm very proud of them all and I think if you've dug anything I"ve done in the past then these are for you!    Check 'em out - Listen, Enjoy, Dance, Sing Along - whatever it is you do!  Much love everybody.  Hope you are all doing well out there!


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Kelley Mcrae.  Never Be.  sonaBlast  2006 
The Cangelosi Cards.  The Clinton Street Sessions.  2009 
The Cangelosi Cards with The Three Diamonds.  EP.  2010 
Greg Garing.  Greg Garing.  L.E.S Records.  2011 
The Fat Babies.  Chicago Hot.  Delmark.  2012 
The Fat Babies. 18th & Racine.  Delmark.  2013 
Paul Asaro & The Fat Babies.  What A Heavenly Dream.  Rivermont.  2013 
Naomi & Her Handsome Devils.  2014 
Pokey Lafarge.  Something in the Water.  Rounder.  2015 
Paul Asaro & The Fat Babies.  Sweet Jazz Music.  2015 
Naomi & Her Handsome Devils.  The Devil's Music.  2016 
The Fat Babies.  Solid Gassuh.  Delmark.  2017.  Downbeat Selection: Best Albums of 2017 
Jake Sanders.  Estrellas de Radio.  Jalopy Records.  2018 
The Jonathon Doyle Swingtet.  The Road is Leaving.  2018 
Naomi & Her Handsome Devils.  Live at Uptown Swingout. 2020 
The Lovestruck Balladeers.  2020 
Jake Sanders.  Estrellas de Radio Vol. 2. Side A