Welcome all!  Here is my site with all the news about what's happening with the music.  Estrellas de Radio was released in February of 2018 on Jalopy Records.  I've spent the year playing here, there and everywhere.  I've been grateful for it all.   I was back in the studio with a 9 piece band this October in Chicago and those tracks will be out soon.  I'll be sure to let you know all about it.  The Lovestruck Balladeers wrapped up our first tour this fall and we're already looking forward to The 11th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival this Spring.  Naomi & Her Handsome Devil's are busy as usual and there are some murmurings that we may get to work on our 3rd release this year.  The site is up to date with the bigger gigs going happening in the coming months.  I'll be in Mexico, Korea, Sweden, France, Italy, the US, and Canada to kick off 2019.  All the best to everyone out there.  I hope to see you all down the road.   - Jake